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Lock up your daughters, put on your brown trousers and grab the nearest fire extinguisher. What’s that aroma? That must be the FUNK that’s been spilling from the heart of the Norfolk countryside across the land. Powered by their thirst for the most putrid of perverse aural experiences, Killamonjambo’s mission is not just to bring their flavour to new audiences, but to invite you into the lust-fueled aura of their live energy. Intimacy between band and crowd is guaranteed regardless of venue size, and a sweaty exchange of energy and sheer ecstasy guarantees the air will be hung thick and heavy with sweet, passionate music. Surging between extremes of indulgent debauchery and sensitive caress, expect climax after climax of the filthiest, funkiest rock on offer.

The tearing horn lines of the Brass Bandits are what’s been getting fans across Europe wet between the legs, such an orgy of masculinity has scarcely been encountered outside of only the most private darkened rooms. From the sax and trumpet combination come raw and raucoussurges, diving into sweet expectant moments of sensory indulgence, backed up with the most popping, pumped up slap happy bass lines. All this is punctuated with the divine stylings of Frank Youngs’s splatocatser specials, and driven along by the most pumped-up dance beats. Slathering all this freaky flavour across your music receptors, combined only with the most intimate sensitivity and caressing lyrics, such levels of audience intimacy are rarely experienced between stage and dance floor, and rarely conveyed with such angelic vocals come Killamonjambo, truly the next big thing in your world.
The story so far:
The boys released their second EP “Thunder Thighs” in January 2012. Midnight 29 November 2013 saw the launch of their first live album recorded at the famous Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg. They are currently back in the studio finalising their first studio album for UK release Spring 2014, a single from this was released in Germany in November 2013.
They had another very busy Festival calendar this summer which included, Lattitude, Beachbreak Live supporting Jake Bugg, Fieldview, Homegrown, Pulse, Symmettry, Big Onion, VW Whitenoise, Wow and Ferryfest to name a few together with support slots for Bad Manners, Ed Sheeran, Mr Woodnote, Lucy Rose, Dreadzone, Jo Band, The Drop, Zion Train.
They will be working with Epic TV Studios on some more exciting new videos for the album and live performances. They have spent several weeks in the top 3 Reverbnation National Ska Chart (and top 20 globally).
They were selected as one of four English bands from hundreds of bands to take part in the 2014 European IC Music Project, this will take them to festivals and venues throughout Europe and England.
They have just returned from their first German arena tour supporting the massive La Brass Banda, they have been invited back by Sony Europe for 2014 and will also be the official support for the English leg of La Brass Banda’s European tour in 2014. They are expecting another busy 2014 UK festival season and have already been confirmed to play Boomtown on their China Town main stage and Glastonbury’s Croissant Neuf stage.
Here’s some photos of and words about the lads!


Jonny Lawes:

A normal day for Jonny starts with red wine on cornflakes (he prefers a good spanish rioja). After this he gets on his fixie bike with a horn on his back and heads up to the studio to lay down some ‘sick riffs’. This is fuelled by a steady stream of imported lager. He will then cruise on to meet the lads for an evening of real ales and intelligent conversation. It is unclear how he gets home. Repeat cycle.

Sam Bramley:

The trumpet’s silvery tones have a gloss that slick over the Killamonjambo sound with a shine even the most hardened Brasso addict would envy. The raw, unbridled energy of Bramley’s performace will have you begging for more, as his trumpet lines entwine with Jonny’s sax sound like a twisted vine. Bramley will give you the horn.


Lake Kearney:

Born in a hole somewhere in the vibrant green wilderness of Norway, given birth to by the mountain herself,Lake Kearney spent his years wondering from bass to bass. Then in 2008, hitch-hiking he was picked up by a touring band Killamonjambo and he thumbed himself into the band with his wicked slapping funk grooves and hunger for raw untapped musical menergy.  He now resides in the low lying lake frequencies of the Killamonjambo rhythm section and sustains a strict diet of breakfast lunch and dinner. Funk is his only priority!

Jamie Hagon:

Lead singer/dancer/diva of Killamonjambo. “Ever since I bought my first PJ and Duncan tape as a child I always knew I wanted to be a singer”.




Frank Youngs:

Raised in the ghetto of rural East Anglia schooled in hip-hop foxtrot and surrounded by animals it is no surprise this bumpkin got heavily into the barnyard funk movement.

Sins his pilgrimage to a Norwegian mountain top, to spray his funk of the summit, He has been enlightened  and is now capable of laying down sticky guitar lines,  with a consistency that has previously been considered unhealthy.

GeorgeGeorge Bensley:

George Bensley is a summer flower… Picture yourself strolling through sun-dappled woodland, with a slight breeze in your long flowing hair. You come to a clearing, where you pause a while to enjoy a cool pint of crisp, refreshing cider, with ice. You are soon joined by a slight, curious character with a charming demeanor and a soft complexion. This is George. His intentions soon become clear as he begins to caress your thigh and whisper softly the following words: “I am going to drum you right up. This music is my flame.”

You awake suddenly from your slumber to the piercing, raucous crash of singing cymbals and thunder of bass drum and floor Toms. George is here now. He will kick the beat into you. You will love it. George.George. ….George.

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